Kozo Nishino was born in 1926 in Osaka, Japan. While studying at the Osaka City University Faculty of Medicine, he was inspired by the great accomplishments of the famous ballet producer Sergei Diaghilev, and joined the Takarazuka Musical Dance Revue, soon becoming the resident ballet instructor and dance choreographer. In 1951, Nishino enrolled in the Metropolitan Opera Ballet School in New York, studying choreography under Antony Tudor and learning dance under Margaret Craske.
After returning to Japan, he established the Nishino Ballet Troupe in 1954, and produced famous prima dancers such as Atsuko Baba, Motoko Ogino and Kayoko Kadono. After embarking on a career that encompassed choreography as well as T.V. and stage productions, he created a string of a great hits by producing and directing many T.V. shows such as NHK (Nippon Housou Kyoukai) "Uta no Grand Show" and NTV (Nippon Television Network Corporation) "Le Girls". In addition, he produced, mentored and directed stars such as Katsuko Kanai, Kaoru Yumi, Itoko Harada, Etsuko Nami, Sanae Emi and Yuki Kishi.
He learned Aikido from Kisshomaru Uesiba Doshu (son of the Aikido Founder) and trained in Kung Fu under master Kenichi Sawai. He attained the highest rank "Shihan"(Master) in both Aikido and Kung Fu. Through his mastery of the sciences of life - "medicine", of the arts of the body - "ballet", and from his acquisition of advanced interactive senses - "martial arts", he originated and developed the way to cultivate life energy, "Nishino Breathing Method".
Nishino Juku (Institute of the Nishino Breathing Method) was established in Osaka and Tokyo in 1985, and has gradually built up a loyal following of students of all ages, both men and women, from every walk of life, including doctors, university professors, administrators, artists, scientists, and lawyers. He maintains a full daily schedule of teaching and personal student guidance at Nishino Juku. When the world-renowned author and movie director Michael Crichton visited Nishino Juku, he was impressed to see Kozo Nishino's youthful appearance and trim, athletic figure and commented, "He is a living demonstration of his method!"

He is president of the Nishino Ballet Troops and Chairperson of the Nishino Breathing Method, Nishino Juku.
He had been Guest Professor at Osaka International University for Woman, etc.
Since 2006, He has been Visiting Scientist of the Graduate School of Osaka City University Medical School.
Human beings live on energy. This energy is generated by respiration and nutrition. Through respiration, nutrition can be supplied as life energy to every cell of the entire body. Without breathing, nutrition cannot be converted to energy. And, of course, without energy no one can live.

There are two kinds of breathing. One is called external respiration, which is taking in oxygen through the lungs and expelling carbon dioxide. Another is called internal, or cellular, respiration, which is the process of supplying oxygen to the cells of internal organs and expelling carbon dioxide. Cellular respiration is enabled by the action of mitochondria (the cell's energy power plant), which plays a major role in producing indispensable energy for various cell activities, such as generation of the energy storage molecule ATP (adenosine triphosphate) from glucose, and running molecular motors. It can therefore be said that cellular respiration itself produces life energy. The Nishino breathing method is the key to vitalizing this cellular respiration.

There is no greater reality for us than the simple fact of being alive. And, as long as we are alive, we should enjoy a "Fountain of Youth".
Scientific progress, especially in molecular biology, has uncovered an important element of life. The average cellular lifespan and regenerating cycle of human beings is about two-and-a-half to three years. This cellular regeneration, or remodeling, is just like making copies of cells. The cells of a newborn baby's body are pristine and have an excellent capacity for regeneration. Likewise, in youth, the human being is composed of dynamically replenishing cells. The total number of cells is as many as 6 trillion. Unimaginably huge numbers of cells are repeatedly self-replenishing in our bodies. How wonderfully human life works! Why do we not grasp the paintbrush of our cells' natural ability, and paint a new picture on the canvas of our lives, abundant with energy and beautiful beyond our wildest dreams? Constant regeneration of energetic cells is the way to a joyful and brilliant life.

Dr. Leonard Hayflick, Professor at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, established an important biological constraint known as "Hayflick limit", which holds that human cells are able to regenerate (i.e. copy themselves) approximately 50 times. If the cells replace themselves every two-and-a-half years, and this process can be repeated 50 times, then the human cell's lifespan would be 125 years. (Likewise, if the cells are replaced every three years, the lifespan would be 150 years.) Our bodies are composed of just such tremendously powerful cells. Accordingly, it should not be impossible to enjoy a "Fountain of Youth" - leading a long and dynamic life up to one hundred years old. Let's have our cells regenerate beautifully for one hundred years with joy, since we've only got one chance at life.

The key to this process - creating a cellular "Fountain of Youth" - is the Nishino Breathing Method.
The Nishino Breathing Method revives and strengthens cell function, cultivates life energy, and preserves and restores youth and beauty. The Nishino Breathing Method can be considered a contemporary miracle.