The Nishino Breathing Method revives and strengthens each of the 6 trillion cells of the human body, stimulates and amplifies life energy by enhancing the function of cellular mitochondria, and optimizes all metabolic processes, such as regeneration of cells, thus guiding all body systems to an ideal state.
Practicing this method brings forth numerous highly beneficial changes to mind and body.
Among the benefits of regular practice of the Nishino Breathing Method are the following: improved health; enhanced natural self-healing ability; recovery of a more youthful and beautiful appearance; developing one's faculties; starting to have good fortune and so on.
At Nishino Juku, people from various fields and of different generations all enjoy practicing together.
Here is message from Kaoru Yumi, followed by some students' "voice of experience".
Profession: Actress, starring as the heroine of films, TV dramas, and one-woman stage performances since her debut at age 15. At present, she stars in TV dramas such as 'Ninja' and lectures regularly on behalf of the Nishino Breathing Method.
Awards: Four-time recipient of the Golden Arrow Prize, the 2001 Best Swimming Beauty Prize, and many others. Prize-winner at the Chilean and the Venetian International Music Festivals, in addition to numerous other international venues.
Public Service: Served as a Committee Member of the Minister of Health and Welfare's private advisory council of the National Health Conference. Guest Lecturer at Osaka International Women's University, Sakata Women's College, and many others.
Martial Arts: Holds the rank of 4th Dan in Aikido.

Tetsuma Fujikawa
Senior Advisor to the President of the Sumitomo Trust and Banking Co., Ltd. /Visiting professor of Ritsumeikan University and Edogawa University, and lecturer of Tokyo Women's Christian University./ Director General of the Printing Bureau of MOF (1993-94)/ Director General of the Osaka Customs (1990-91)/ First secretary of the Japanese Embassy in Rome (1975-78)/ Executive Director of the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington D.C. (1984-87)/ Executive Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London (1991-93).

Yuichi Haneta
Chairman of NEC/TOKIN Corporation/Doctor of Engineering

Miyako Hazama
General Manager of Sales Planning Agribio Business Company (a unit of Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.)/MBA

Sawako Hori
Noh Mask Sculptor Hori Yasuemon II

Masayuki Iizuka
Freelance writer / Former senior staff writer of Asahi Newspaper

Akemi Itsuji
Professor Department of Children's Literature, Shirayuri College / Writer, translator, and poet

Man Izawa
Scriptwriter / Author of "Alumni Reunion" / recipient of Minister of Education's Art Encouragement Prize for New Artists; Prague International TV Festival's Grand Prix Prague D'Or; among others

Akio Kataoka
Member of the Science Council of Japan / Chairman of the Japanese Society of Physical Education / Emeritus Professor of Tsukuba University / Professor of Kokushikan University / Doctor of Education

Junko Kataoka
Professor at Japan Women's College of Physical Education / Official Sports Doctor of Japan Olympic Committee

Scott Meredith
Senior Researcher in User Interface Technologies ,Microsoft / PhD (MIT)

Toshihiro Nukiwa
Professor at the School of Medicine of Tohoku University, Institute of Development, Specializing in Aging and Cancer

Shizu Sakai
Visiting Professor School of Medicine at Juntendo University / Internationally recognized authority in medical history

Shoji Sakuma
Chairman of WOWOW INC. (first private satellite broadcasting and pay TV station in Japan) / Former Executive Vice President of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

Mamiko Ueno
Professor of Constitutional Law and French Public Law at Chuo University / Visiting Professor at the University of Sheffield, England.